What they said: Dempster calls our staff “Incredible”

Ryan Dempster was asked about how his “Big Three” compares up against the Phillies’ pitching staff.

“We’ve got three really good pitchers at the top of the rotation, but we’ve got to play the games,” Dempster said. “With the competition we have at the back end of the rotation, we’re going to have two other guys that are really capable of winning games and helping us a lot.”What they have over there in Philadelphia, it’s a really, really incredible pitching staff. Not just 1 through 4, but 1 through 5 (including Joe Blanton). But we can’t concern ourselves with that.”

Many experts are handing the National League pennant to Philadelphia, and Dempster said he jokes that he already has a tee time for Oct. 4 “because everyone says we’re not making the playoffs.” But he believes the Cubs can do the unthinkable.

I hope you are correct,  Mr. Dempster.  It is interesting to at least see the intimidation factor a number of teams from around the National League are feeling.


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