Spring Training Game 1: 10 Quick Hits

I am going to try a new way of recaping games where I leave you with 10 short notes on what took place.

Phillies 8, Florida State 0.

  1. Phillies pitchers allowed only 4 hits and struck out 11.
  2. Mike Stutes threw 10 pitches, all strikes and struck out 3 batters in one inning.
  3. Ryan Howard’s first hit of the year was a 2-run double.
  4. Jeff Larish and Josh Barfield each committed an error.
  5. Top prospect, Domonic Brown, went 1-3 with a misplayed single.
  6. Phillies went 6-9 with RISP, scoring crooked numbers in the first, sixth, and seventh.
  7. Justin De Fratus and Scott Mathieson each struck out 2 batters in an inning of work.
  8. Placido Polanco was the only regular to strike out.
  9. Shane Victorino was the only regularer not reach base.
  10. 3,915 people attended the Spring opener.

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