Charlie Speaks – “More Doubles”

Video posted by David Hale of Philled In

Charlie explains that the Phillies are slower and that they need to hit more doubles to move runners over.


Video: Dom Brown’s New Swing

Domonic Brown recently discussed his swing change and here it is.  He has noticably lowered his hands for a more conventional swing.  Hopefully, the new swing cuts down on his astronomical strike out rate.

Props to the find by Upon Official Review.

Also, it looks like the video was taken by David Hale of Philled In.

The Day of Resistance? Nats Fan Dreams.

Pretty sad that Nationals fans are left to mimic former WWF Superstars in a “Call to Arms” attempt to keep Phillies fans out of their park.  Get over it.  New Stadium.  A lot of money.  No Fans.

Video posted by user, Evolution33

Oh, he even made a second gem.  He called Phillies’ fans fat, but look at him.  He also references Washington, D.C. standing for freedom and equality.  Yo, where was the constitution written, moron.

I guess he realized the leather jacket was incredibly lame.